Monday, January 2, 2012


My biggest brother has always told me about the world ending in 2012 since I can ever remember. I guess I never thought I would live to be 25... but it's totes here. when the movie came out, I had to watch it with my eyes covered ( wait... what?) because I don't know how the worlds gonna end, and I didn't want to know if the world was going to fall into the ocean as they show. I really never fell in the hype... but... yikes.

On a much brighter note... Happy 2012!! so far, the same as 2011, as i assume it to be for a while. I've got to spend the past two days with Benny, trying to get our house together and redecorate, and, so far so good. we're making great progress. our NYE was as glamorous as expected... it looked like a LOT of this going on...

I am not sure what the problem is... but Landon does not sleep. like today, he hasn't gone down for one solid nap all day. He usually falls asleep while nursing, and wakes up to play as soon as i lay him down. the only "break" I get is holding him and letting him sleep. he VERY rarely stays asleep for more than 30 mins on his own. he went down to sleep at about 11:45, and I was totes excited to watch all that garbage on TV with out holding a baby. straight to the kitchen we went!

It really didn't last long, he slept about 25 mins and then woke up to eat, eat, eat!! That kid is growing to fast for his own good, and definitely too fast for my poor ta-tas to keep up :( I have to keep reminding myself that one day he will not be a baby anymore, and all this is going to go away. Except for then he will be Gavin's age... and we will have to do that all over again. At least by that point Gavin will be older and potentially cooler... then he can go back to being my favorite child again.

ANYWAY.. this is how Ben and I felt about ( what we thought was) a few hours of being an adult and spending new years together-

Clearly, we dressed up. I didn't even have pants on.

Maybe next year, we will do something extravagant and drink too much booze and dance all night long. or we won't have a babysitter... whatev. One day we will do something cool again. one day...

(FAUX-BLOGGERS NOTE:: we won't. our lives are doomed.)

p.s.... we all know the world isn't going to end. but why has no one started making one of those life saving, freaking awesome, submarine/spaceship, this-is-your-only-chance-for-survival machines? I mean, just in case?

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