Saturday, December 31, 2011

Grabbing 2012 by the balls!

Okay, I am going to try this again. this is offic the 3rd (!) blog i've started... and so far the 3rd blog I haven't caught up with. I went ahead and deleted my older entries, realizing all my post were all writen (all... 3 of them) while pissed, sleep deprived, and/or actually sleeping. Now i have a better hold on this whole  mommy thing... I said better. not good.

Last year when I kissed my boyfriend at midnight, I said, " I promise this year will not be like last. we are going to start over and it WILL be amazing."

I did not however, mean I would push out a baby just 10 months later. oh, but i did. but since that day, my life has REALLY started. something I never thought I would do, something I never actually knew I wanted. Now I stay home instead of dancing on a stripper pole at some random Everett bar with Brittani,  or on top of tables, or puke in a bar bathroom just in time to make it out for another round of shots... I love my new life. and I am seriously waiting to get back into doing those things until the smallest babe starts sleeping through the night.

I expect 2012 to be an amazing year, full of new experiences for me and my family. the babes will grow, I will learn, me and my other half will finially figure it out. blah blah blah I know... But I am going to own this year and it will NOT define who I am.

Moral of the story I want to keep this blog up. with help from my gorg friends/family feeding me some motivation, I will try and make some time for my self and get this ball rolling. even if I am just talking about the lives these cool people have...

when I CLEARLY do not have anything cool to do, or cannot get out of the house. but it is nice to be surrounded by such babes ;)

(FAUX BLOGGERS NOTE:: i do not do cool things like i did in these pictures anymore. or look like that. meow!)

so maybe tomorrow i can post pictures of Ben and myself poppin' bottles in the living room while we wii bowl, just so we can chat about how cool being a brand new mommy is on NYE. don't be jelly!

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