Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Spanksgiving!!

welp, although I THOUGHT i was going to have time to do this every single day, i clearly do not. i do think about it though. but with an infant in my hands, a two year old at my feet, and a bug in my ear ( being the boyfriend) i really have time to close to nothing. as of right now, kids are sleeping and boyfriend is out bowling. i should be sleeping, because, baby is allowing me to and i have to get up early and travel all over western washington to see our families for thanksgiving. i cant even stomach the two hour drive to tacoma, just to sit there for 2 hours and drive 2 hours back to marysville to eat. the car is a potentially scary place with two smallies. Landon is either sleeping or screaming, and Gavin is either talking my ear off, whining, or sleeping. im really hoping for a lot of baby sleep tomorrow. sigh.

seems as though i have nothing positive to say. i will leave on this note though--

isnt he the sweetest thing you've ever seen!? i am so in love with him, it doesn't matter all the dramatics and psychobabble bull shit going on- i love this little boy!! Ben sat him up on the couch and he gave this big ol gummy smile before he lost control of his head and started to fall over... i melted. hes such a doll face, and sleeping like a champ tonight!!

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