Thursday, January 26, 2012

Im going to raise my own son now, but thanks.

I vowed to always keep this blog positive, because, positive is as positive does. ( close enough??) I really have nothing negative going on currently in my life, and theres no need to be a crabby pants just because I'm having a bad day. BUT-- I have to rant. I can't take it anymore.

I have opted out of talking about my kids on facebook anymore. I CANNOT stand peoples opinions. This really isn't just facebook, it's everywhere. but I can't exactly never talk about my kids to anyone.

If I said, geeze, LJ won't sleep, does someone have any ideas? then by all means, let me know what helps you. But, my son is not your baby, and what works for you may not work for us... and just because we are having a bad night doesn't mean I completely don't know what I'm doing. yes I am a new mom, but I can't stand being bombarded by everyone else's opinions. I have a pediatrician. I've read the books. I do the research. I'm not an idiot.

If I said, ' MAN, Landon is so hungry'... this happens--


I appreciate the SUPPORT i am getting from friends, but PLEASE for the LOVE OF GOD... Let me raise my own son.

I really am not trying to say I know everything.. just kind of stating that neither do you. I still swaddle. I nurse and/or rock him to sleep. I wrap him in a BLANKET and keep it so it touches his cheek, just the way he likes it. He sleeps in a sleep and play rocker, because he doesn't like his crib. I feed on demand. I pick him up when he cries, and REFUSE to let him cry it out at 3 months. I sure many of you won't like these things. Then go ahead, call CPS.

I have feet.

I just want to say again, that I am aware that I do not know everything. I am positive that there is a million things I could do differently. But as of now, I am doing whats best for myself and Landon. I am happy with the way things are going, and how he's growing and learning, and I am also happy for other people who achieved this in different ways. So, when I start putting vodka in his bottle to put him to sleep, feel free to pipe up. until then, mind your business :)

and please don't get all butthurt about this. I don't mean to piss anyone off, or hurt any feelings... I'm just trying to put out there that the things people say to one another, can be frustrating. I love this little nugget, and I wouldn't do anything to hurt or harm him. If I need help, believe I will reach out to you, to the doctor, to who ever I need to, but for now... both my kids are napping peacefully and I'm gonna go downstairs and get drunk.

I'm awesome, and my mommy's doing just fine.

On a brighter note, Landon's sleeping 5-8 straight hours ALMOST every night. I've been able to relax often, and way entirely too much Say yes to the dress.  I have to go back to work on Monday, and I am so dreading it. Not to mention, those people have no idea whats going on and won't even let me know when I should show up. Here's to going somewhere new and picking up the pieces... AGAIN!!! I've got something up my sleeve though... stay tuned :)

(FAUX-BLOGGERS NOTE:: I am not going to be getting wasted while my kids are napping. Please un-bunch your panties and take a chill pill)

my new fave wedding site says 835 days til my wedding! which means, about 500 days til I really get to get excited. fml. that's all for now!


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