Sunday, January 15, 2012


Yesterday, I went out to lunch with a good friend, Elyse, and it was snaining. (get it? snow/rain?!) athough we were watching out the windowing, and seeing the now progressively get heavier and heavier, I really didn't think we would get as much as we did!! I was a little nervous to drive my car, because, I'm from the northwest and clearly just can't drive, my car is small and quite stupid, and I had Landon in the back seat (that was the worst part for me). We were only a few blocks away, and main roads are fine. AS SOON as I attempted to turn up the small hill to my house, cars were stuck sliding back down, trying to turn around, and all over the road. Ben knew a different way that I didn't know, and suggested that. Although, just a big of a hill sat on that side and there was no way we were making it up. Long story short, we had to lug Landon through the snow and walk up the hill ( in heels, go figure) to a point where Ben could meet us and pick us up. I definitely won worst mom of the year award with that one. but, he was nice and warm and didn't even wake up.

Ben had Gavin in the car with him when he came to meet us, and Gav was SO stinkin' excited. he has never seen real snow before, and I think it was the coolest thing that has ever happened to him. and it ended up being cool for us, Ben loves the snow and went to the liquor store and bought some cake vodka ( yes, I ABSOLUTELY said cake vodka. delish) and we had a little slumber party with Elyse. ( more like Elyse and I getting drunk, watching Miss America pagent, toddlers and tiaras, and say yes to the dress. a big win in my book.)

We left the blinds open, and all night he stood at the back door saying, SNOW?! DARK OUTSIDE? he wanted to play, and of coarse we took him out this morning before breakfast.

                                              trying to catch snowflakes on his tounge, obvs.

He was slightly confused as to what this snow stuff was or what to do with it, but he knew it was cool. He kind of just stood around until Ben threw a snowball at the shed. it was on after that.

I have seriously not had such an exciting snow day since I was in highschool. I actually highly dislike the snow, but had so much fun watching Gavin explore.

(FAUX-BLOGGERS NOTE:: I only liked snow days in school to GET OUT of school. snow never made me happy. but neither did school.)

So glad it was our week with Gavin and we got to expierence this with him! this is just another one of those sappy moments that makes me so happy to be a mom. little things like this really is what its about!!

til next time!

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