Thursday, January 5, 2012

are people serious?

So, it's no secret that as a newly stay at home mom with a very clingy little mommas boy, I have no idea what to do with my (not) spare time. i spend my entire days with a baby attached to my ta-tas, and when hes not eating hes smiling at me and i CANNOT look away. its a serious obsession. with that being said, I spend a lot of my time on a sweet site called i am sure all my mommy friends are familiar with this place. I belong to a "club" where all the woman had little nuggets in october of last year, as I did. there is a ton of great info, and even better arguments between sleep deprived women. I usually stay in the background-- i just enjoy reading other peoples drama. I've seriously got nothing else to do with my life right now, and there is a good stretch of the day when there is nothing on tv :)

anyhoo, i read a post from a woman  who was seeking help to report a facebook page. i read the page and this is what i found--

disgusting.           <-----LINK.

I do not know the background on this poor kid, except for that he had died from heart diesease. I do not know who this asshole is that made this page, but it seriously has to go away. I cannot imagine how Ben's ( Ben being the boy who died, not my Ben) family would feel, knowing someone was carrying so much hate and making a big joke about the loss of him. Maybe its because I'm a new mom... but my heart goes out to them and I want nothing more than to see this page go away. seriously, disgusting.

it does take me back to a place that I don't like. When Perry was taken from us, his friends and family spent their time and energy putting up a memorial site at the crash location. I remember easter morning ( i could be wrong... but i really remember the news cast being on easter) his family called me and said to watch the news because the crosses, the pictures, the balloons etc. had all been removed. someone had that much hate in their hearts to ruin what was keeping Perry alive in our minds. I was so hurt by these actions, I can not image how the Phelps family felt. I remember the tears, and the times we went up and placed more and more things up there, just to be taken down again that same night. they even dug a 3ft hole in the ground, and CEMENTED a cross into the ground. they tied it to a tailgate and yanked it out of the ground. how could you want to ruin something so beautiful, for such a beautiful person?

this picture always kind of bothered me, because i was smiling so big. but truth is, i loved being at the site surrounded by so much love for him. he really has a big piece of my heart and I felt better here. it completely breaks my heart that it is gone.

(FAUX-BLOGGERS NOTE:: Perry was my first love. we got through that and had a great friendship from there on out. I miss him terribly. I still have a great relationship with his family and am so thankful to have them to keep him so close in my heart)

moral of the story here, is hatred is so rediculous. especially when they are gone! let this poor boy rest in peace, and let his family mourn without your attributes!! please go to this page and help report it. I am hoping it to be gone by the time any of you look to see it... but the odds are we need your help. and email him and call him an asshole if you'd like!!!!

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