Sunday, January 8, 2012


Today we celebrated Gavin's second birthday, and we had a blast!!! We are so lucky to be able to spend times like this with both of our families! Gavin's birthday was on thursday, but we just got him back from his moms house today, and went straight into party mode!!

I cant believe he's two. time is flying by! a little background for you... I met Ben less than a month before Gavin was born. I liked hanging out with him, but it clearly wasn't going to work, because hello! I was not getting involved in that. so I thought. we were having a good time spending time together, and although it felt right, i knew it couldn't be. Ben was actually sleeping at my house the day the Gavin's mom went into labor, I had to wake him up to take the phone calls. I can't lie about it, I cried the day Gavin was born. Not because he had arrived, but because I knew that Ben's life had changed, and I was on the outside. I was happy for him, but sad because our little love affair would be over. ( and by love affair, I don't mean an ACTUAL affair. that girl got pregnant just by luck. well, and on purpose.)

it took less than a week to hear from Ben, and I was stoked. He still had time, and wanted to hang out with me. I still thought lightly, but i was excited to have him as a part of my life. even when we started dating just 2 weeks after Gavin was born, I still knew that I would never be more than second in his life, but we were having fun in the mean time. I never thought that within weeks into our relationship, we would fall so hard for eachother, and me for that baby!!

this is the first crappy cell phone picture I ever took of the sweet boy. maybe around 6 weeks old?

he was always such a good baby. makes Landon look like the spawn of Satan, actually. he never cried, slept through the night at like 8 weeks old. made easing into it that much easier.

fast forward two years, and we have raised a handsome little tantrum thrower! hes good when hes good, and well, not so much when hes naughty. terrible twos bit us in and ass and FAST!


we had a great time time, with a really good turn out! almost every one we invited showed up. I am so lucky to have great support in such a crazy time in my life. a lot of people who don't have to love him, do, and couldnt be happier about it. that boy has it made for life. hes got a lot of loving! ( and cake)

my mom has this sweet oreo cookie cake pan. big win. and DELISH.

On Gavin's first birthday. he had to eat his cake with a spoon. now hes a dirty two year old, and smashing cake in your face is cool!!!

this, is the ever so trendy Jordyn. what other 6 year old do you know that rocks faux fur???

My little Landy Pants and his Auntie Amanda! little bugger slept damn near the whole time. he let his big brother have all the attention :)

fortunately for you all, Ben SUCKS at taking pictures. so this is all for now :)

thanks a bunch to everyone who came out to celebrate!! we had so much fun and LOTS of new great toys to play with!!!


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  1. Wow, much has changed your life forever. I am very happy for you! I'd say you are pretty much a mommy to two! Congrat's!