Friday, January 20, 2012

where did my glam life go??

If you would have asked me at this exact time last year, I would not tell you my life would be how it actually turned out. I was going out and drinking my little (much bigger and shaplier then) butt off, going on business trips, looking pretty, getting frisky with my boyfriend when ever i felt like it... etc. etc. little did I know that my life was going to change FOREVER in just a few short weeks.

I was always a work-a-holic. I have been working since 14, and pretty consistantly had two jobs since I was 16. I was, and am still to this day, unsure of where I exactly I wanted to take all this job experience, but I loved staying busy. I had the occasional lazy days, when I could... but I never thought I would be in my pajamas all day everyday... until now. ( because thats exactly what I do!)

Some of my work friendsies <3 ( In Winnipeg,CA. about 8 weeks prego!!)

I feel bad, a lot, because when Ben comes home from work I STILL look like I just rolled out of bed. I usually don't shower untill dinner time ( when I get one!) and I change out of my p.j's just to throw on some clean ones. Don't get me wrong, I NEVER look like this in public. Not even having a newborn and a two year old is an excuse to look like a hot mess in public. I refuse to let people KNOW I am a lazy bum. (Even though I just told the world. but TRUST me.. you'll NEVER see it ;) ) I would love Ben to come home to a beautiful fiance, with a super clean house, and children that behave. But, unfortunately, we're going to have to work on that.

I have two kids and my life is a mess. I barely have any pictures of me and Landon, because I never want to remember what a mess I am!! everyones roles are a little crazy around here. I have a big boy who thinks hes a baby...

And a baby who thinks he's a big boy...
See, even my kids wear jammies all day.

And Ben and I... well, I don't know who we are anymore. It's a beautiful disaster.

I  used to pride myself on looking presentable. Not in a super materialistic kind of way, but when I look good, I feel good. Wedge boots make me very happy. Dresses and tights make me feel like a girl. I just love fashion, and love dressing up. And now, since I'm exclusively breast feeding, I cant even leave the house with out a button up shirt on. (luckily I have a few)
I love that baby so much, but DAMN YOU FOR RUINING MY BODY AND MY SENSE OF STYLE!!!

But, at the end of the day, I can get all of that stuff back, and for now I will just (try) to enjoy my kids, and watch them grow and learn. Every milestone amazes me. Plus I have this to look forward to every other week..
my life may be completely different, but I wouldn't change it for the world!!

(FAUX-BLOGGERS NOTE:: I would change my body though. how did my hips get this freakin' wide?!? and I would love my boobs back too!)


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  1. ahaha Oh Amanda, you pretty much just described every mom around this stage of motherhood. In a few months you'll start noticing you DO have time to get dressed in the morning, and you DO have time to do your hair! All this stuff doesn't last (except for the wide hips, those will never be the same, we're not all Victoria Beckham. haha) you'll miss it when it's gone.. Baby fever hits around 14 months.. BEWARE!! hahahaha <3 great post, I love reading your blog.