Wednesday, January 4, 2012

keeping my kiddo healthy, keeping me INSANE.

Lands got his 2 month immunizations yesterday. sigh. he did pretty well with the shots, i just popped a boob in his mouth and it was smooth sailing from there. after that, he actually slept. I was pretty excited that maybe he reversed the usual symptoms and was going to sleep right through them. I went to Fred Myers and stayed in his car seat and smiled at me the whole time. He has NEVER, in his 9 weeks of existence, ever stayed in his car seat more than 5 mins if were not in the car. He hates it so much. so all was fine and i put him down to bed early and it was fabulous. then he woke up, and was fine.... til he started freaking out. he wouldn't eat ( that ALWAYS calms him down). i couldn't rock him, bounce him, walk with him, shake him ( just kidding ;)... he was just screaming. he didn't have a fever, but i loaded him up with some baby Tylenol and about 20 mins later it all ended. i thought i was going to loose my mind.

so while i left out time frames, it was about 2 am before he passed out. i took him upstairs and he was a little restless so i tried to feed him to get a longer stretch of sleep out of him. he went down about 2 30, and Ben had just gotten home from work/drinks with his buddy. he finally had to take him down stairs and rock him so i could at least get a couple hours of sleep. he woke at about 430, 630, and noon. it was amazing. so i was pretty rested to deal with what he was going through today...

it didn't end last night, hes been a crabby pants all day. we took lots of little naps but god forbid i put him down. i finally gave him some Tylenol again. he still doesn't have a fever and i feel bad drugging him up. but man, poor baby was miserable.

i finally got one of these about 8 o'clock

hes been asleep since probably a little after 8:30. that is SO early for him, I'm hoping to get some stuff done around the house. hoping for the best and expecting the worse...

fingers crossed for a better day tomorrow. I don't have anything to do. but i would love to shower... brush my hair... i don't know, GET DRESSED. the things I used to do when I had a life. ( or no life? if working my ass off and then getting drunk was a life?) craft store tomorrow because i am itching for some new projects!!

(FAUX-BLOGGERS NOTE:: I never finish what i start. i have two unfinished scrapbooks. yet i always feel the need to start something fun, and put it away 5 mins later to never start again. we will see.)


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