Monday, February 6, 2012

my life never slows.

Never thought about the day I would blog about leaving my job. and today, I am!!!

I swore I would never want to be a stay at home mom. I've been with forever 21 for 4 1/2 years, and I absolutely LOVE what I do. I've been merchandising for about 3 1/2 of those years. for some reason getting that store looking fresh really gets my jollies off. Managing is not really my "thing"... but managing a group of people who are passionate about the same thing I am passionate about doesn't bother me. And my friends/ co-workers are the best. (118) seriously, If i didn't have my F21 "family", I am positive I could count my friends on one hand. Now I need both ;)

shortly after having Landon, Ben and I talked about the potential of me staying home with the kids. I was a little sketchy about moving to a new store after my maternity leave, and a little defeated that I wasn't going to be running the brand spankin' new Alderwood store. We would save a buttload of money on daycare, and I would be able to spend the much needed one on one time with my kids. I am sure we could have found a great day care, but I liked the idea of doing all of the work. I am officially on day 7 of my 10 days left at Forever, and it is so bitter sweet. I am so excited to be able to be with Landon everyday. My brother noted the other day how much he felt like Gavin was learning ( that boy is freakishly smart... mostly him but good to think I had something to do with it) and he has been MUCH more well behaved in the past month or so. I am so sad to leave what I love to do, but I love being a mom more. Being with my kids makes me so happy!

Landon just had his three month "birthday", and I can't believe how much he's growing!! he is so sweet. he just recently found his voice, and believe it or not he talks more than I do. I noticed today when I put Gavin into his bath that the boys have the same feet. Clearly they came from Ben, but I was still surprised to see bigger version of LJ's feet on his brother!

 I'm 3 months old today!!! 1/31/12

Being a momI h and a full time worker is ridiculously hard. I wake up early, get dressed, feed and get Landon ( and this week Gavin too) dressed, pump, pack up, drop baby off, sit in traffic for an hour... work, work, work! I feel constantly tense and SO tired. Getting up so often with the baby gives no excuse to running late to work. it's exhausting. Being a mom is a hard job. Being a working mom, is the hardest job. it's like working 24 hours a day. Makes me respect the working mom a lot more.

 My Aunt is awesome and I'm a cute little drooly fat boy :)

I have to say, I am probably the luckiest girl in the world to have Ben. Not only does he love me ( and my post baby bod!), but he is willing to take care of me 100% because that's what I want. Life isn't as romantic and snuggly as it used to be around here, but we are so in love and I love him more every single day. I cannot wait to marry *cough cough-- trap * him and call him my husband!!!

Landon looks just like me as a baby in this picture. Ben teases me because he... well, looks like a little red head devil baby. BUT I think it is so cute :)
(FAUX-BLOGGERS NOTE:: I was a red haired devil baby... and so is my son :) )

Looks like that's all for today, I've got a bunch of boys to take care of and I would LOVE to get some sleep tonight!! xoxo


  1. Sooo stinkin cute!! I <3 them both and so happy for you!

  2. I am such a jelly bean, I hate working full time.glad to see you are so happy these days.