Tuesday, February 14, 2012

the show MUST go on

It's official. I'm unemployed. and while I am so excited for the opportunity to stay home and raise my son, I never thought it would be so hard to leave my job. Since I no longer work there, I can say that there was some shady business concerning my maternity leave, and it definately made it easier to go. I still respect the company (just not the devil running the district), so I won't go into details. I only shed a few tears, and left the entire first chapter of my adulthood behind.

I feel a bit in a "crisis mode"... as dramatic as that sounds. I always knew I wanted to be a merchandiser. Leaving such a big part of my life, even though I'm doing something so much more important is hard. F21 is has been a part of me, and it's almost like I feel lost. As if I have lost a bit of self-worth.

Via text message to a close friend, I mention, "I don't know who I am anymore!" half joking, half dead serious. He responds, " you're a beautiful talented merchandiser who refused to be taken for granted!! you are strong and courageous, fierce, intuitive and creative. you're a fiance', my close friend, and a new mother, with a brand new future waiting your arrival. Remember?"

how could I have forgotten.

I am so lucky to have friends to put me in my place. My life is not over, only, just beginning. I love my son so much more than I loved my career, and I learned so much and was able to meet so many people, travel, perfected my resume, and am on my way to a much better future. If I didn't have people like Dominique in my life, I would be lost. It feels good to know I made REAL friends from this experience!!

(FAUX-BLOGGERS NOTE:: I wrote this on the last day of work at F21. I never finished it, but going to post anyway!)

And I have also decided... I refuse to let WHAT I DO to define who I am. That job was another step in this amaze life that I live. On the the next!!


Day and Night :)

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