Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The hostess with the mostest!

I have always been a "party" type person. As an adult, or should I say.. "adult"... I have wanted to throw parties. Threw my bff a fantastic baby shower 5 years ago.. at my moms. I always lived in an apartment, so I couldn't really do much. Threw a few HUGE parties around 21... and well... I don't want to have THOSE kinds of parties anymore. Now that LJ is a little older and we are more settled in the house ( that Ben has lived in for YEARS... needed a girls touch for sure!) I am ready to take the plunge again. Ben loves to BBQ, so we have been having people over for dinner here and there. I usually get kind of stressed out about clutter ( baby toys everywhere!!) the day of, and space, but we always end up having a good time. we just bought a brand new BBQ so we look forward to doing this all summer long!!!

with all that being said, LJ's birthday is in 3 months, 1 week, and 6 days. But who's counting!! I have been so wrapped up in having a BABY, it's so crazy to think that he will be a year old already! I am super excited and planning his birthday like crazy. I have been trying to scrapbook lately. It's so hard because the way Landon is (he's getting much better), and hes not napping great while he's teething. When Gavin is home, we like to have "special time" when LJ is sleeping so he has big boy activites to look forward to that we cant do while the itty is awake. But i bought a cricut anyway. I am so STINKING excited, and have already scrounged up 4 cartridges. I have planned out all the decorations for Landons birthday, and plan to start soon! I have yet to scrapbook :)

We had a pretty small party for Gavin's first party, and a pretty low budget one for his second birthday. I feel bad, but, I didn't want to over step my boundries on his first birthday and his last one was hard trying to get used to a brand new baby also. This year he will get to pick his theme, and I'm pretty sure it will be rockets. He says he dreams about them every nap and bedtime. he loves them!

I better get off my butt... LJ is chasing our cat around the kitchen and I've got to get ready to host dinner tonight for my fab in-laws! wonder where the time crunch stress comes from? ;)



  1. Your pretty fab yourself!!! See you soon! If you need any party planning help let me know!!