Wednesday, July 18, 2012


We still have sooooooo long til the wedding. like, forever. almost as long as we have been together so far. People are annoyed by this. but if anyone wants to hand us 15 or more THOUSAND dollars.. we will gladly move it up. to tomorrow. but, it is important to us that we have the money to spend, the time to spend it, and that Landon is big enough to walk as the ring bear with his big brother. we want to make sure everything is exactly the way we want it. No regrets! We are obviously not planning on having another one, so what we want is important to us. that being said, we can NOT find a FREAKING VENUE. a lot of polcies are rediculous. no alcohol at a few. what does that even mean?! shouldn't I, the BRIDE(zilla) be the one to make that decision? a lot of other have expensive fees.. which is whatever. 500 fee for having booze, or a $5/bottle cork fee. that makes for an expenise bottle of wine. and a $4/slice cake cutting fee. which is averaging out at about 9 bucks per person for a piece of CAKE. I havent even started  looking at cake yet because it makes me want to vomit. i don't even like cake that much. But I will be sure to enjoy each bite of cake at the next wedding I attend!

we have been venue hunting for MONTHS. I used to get excited, and take pictures as soon as we pulled up. And now.. nothing. I actually dread the emails, the walk-throughs, the searching... its getting annoying and frusterating. Here's where we stand so far..

The sanctuary at admiral

This place is AMAZEBALLS. the balconies, the chairs ( I have a weird thing about ugly chairs) the whole theme.. it's seriously so cute. It has everything we are looking for. the only problem for me, which really isn't a PROBLEM.. just a wrentch, is that it is so modern. which is great! the decor is so cute. But, I will have to change my vision if we pick this. I was hoping very soft colors with pops of bright springy colors. This place is very red/black/gold/grey... totally gorg but not my vision. potentially worth changing. this is by far our number one choice so far.

Hollywood School House!

This... is EXACTLY what I was looking for. seriously.. its BEAUTIFUL. it's the second venue we looked at. I am unsure if all the NO's! are pulling me back here... or if I actually do just love it. its amazing though. there alcohol policy sucks, and it's going to cost us a big chunk of our budget, and the bridal and groom suits are SUPER lame. but... I think we could deal with it.

I am only going to look at a couple more places before re-looking at these two. my goal is to have a down payment on a venue by september, when the wedding shows are coming back around. I went last year, but it was just a week after my engagement and I more or less just wanted to go out of excitement. It was a bit overwhelming so I would like more direction this time around.

(FAUX-BLOGGERS NOTE:: I wanted to give a big F YOU! shout out to edmonds yatch club... who wouldn't even let us take a looksie at that fine establishment because our wedding is so far away. Thanks for the customer service ;) oh and ps youre welcome for this!)

Hopefully we will figure this out ASAP. although we still have lots of time, it's moving FAST as I'm chasing around my little boys. Here's some sweetness to hold you over!


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