Thursday, May 31, 2012

my baby is 7 months old!

WHERE has the time gone?! I can't even believe its been 7 months since my sweet boy has entered the world... its almost pathetic how every month gets harder and harder for me. I am SO proud of everything he does, but so sad to see my sweet little boy growing so fast. although I am over the constant nursing, the night wakings... the too clingy-ness when i need to do the dishes, take a shower, or just a break... but I wouldnt change anything for the world! I can shower next year and sleep when I die ;)

I realized I never updated about Landon's doctors appointment a few weeks ago, and we pulled it off!! he's gaining a little bit more than whats "normal" per day.. and our pediatrician wants to push a little bit more than that so he can catch up what was lost. So he is still a bit small, but perfect, healthy, and meeting all of his milestones.
Don't let him fool you... He eats EVERYTHING.

hes starting to pull himself up, army crawling ( when he wants to), rocking on all fours, and likes to nurse on all fours or standing (ANNOYING), and hes beginning to resond to some sign language (mostly just milk, food, and all done.), and when I say BIG JUMP! he bounces up and down like he's trying to jump. I can't even believe the little personality he's starting to develop!

Him and Gavin absolutely love eachother. he plays SOOO much longer when Gavin is on the floor keeping him company. it's making our off weeks much more difficult, I think he really misses Gavin when hes not here. when he wakes up from his nap hes always trying to look over the hand rail on the stairs looking for him. it really is sweet. I love watching them together! (even though Gavin often scares the balls off me. he likes to sit and crawl on him. he doesnt realize he's just a baby!)

(FAUX-BLOGGERS NOTE:: these pictures are all from the last month. I really had to filter through for my favorites. I literally took over 250 pictures last month.)

We FINALLY started decorated the boys' room... I know, REALLY late. I have been bitching at Ben since I was pregnant, and neither of us made any kind of effort. But I got all kinds of motivated last weekend and we got the ball rolling. we still need to buy lots of pictures and frames and things... but it looks so cute already!
this is the wall with the most done... its a work in progress and I'm exicited!!

I guess I'm gonna end this with the rest of the photo bomb... I could go on all day about how cute he looks when he sneezes or how red his face gets when he shits his diaper. I'll spare you (and myself.) not to mention dad will be  home soon, baby is napping and I've got shit to do!!!

How did I get so lucky? Happy 7 months my sweet baby boy!!


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