Monday, May 7, 2012


Hello blogworld--

as promised, I have come to drop a load of pictures on you. Ben will be home soon, and I've done nothing domestic all day (besides being a mommy, of course!) so I will keep this short and sweet.

We are almost a week into this crazy help LJ gain weight game, and, of course he came down  with a fever on saturday and as of 4:30 this (monday) morning, we are still fighting it. he doesn't seem like he feels too awful, but I know hes uncomfortable. I have to take him back in tomorrow, for the weight check and to try and figure out whats going on with this fever. and since of course he's not eating as much because he doesn't feel good, We will either have to schedule another weight check or a time for blood work :( it 100% tears me upside at just the THOUGHT of something being wrong with my sweet boy. I would do anything in my power to keep him strong, healthy, and happy... but some things are out of your control. I do know that there is still a strong chance that nothing is wrong with him at all. I'm not freaking out yet. but the thought of it... is hard for a momma.

I will update this week, after the doctors appointment. everyone, whatever you do... keep him in your thoughts, prayers, send us some good vibes etc... I need my little boy to be healthy! fingers crossed!!!

LJ is 5 months old here!

Gavin is FINALLY learning to smile on command :)

LJ and his cousin Nick!

You don't eat your feet for dinner?

Easter with the Kuzn cousins!



recent mommy and daddy date night :)

my big boy in his crib! I miss putting him to sleep... love the break from it. (He doesnt usually sleep with all the blankets.. relax.)

At the big boy table!

I'm 6 months old today!! and not feeling well after shots :(

(FAUX-BLOGGERSNOTE:: from now on, I vow to STOP taking the majority of my pictures on my iphone. It's so annoying that most my cute pictures are stuck on my phone... but i will miss the convenience!)


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