Tuesday, May 1, 2012

6 months old today!

Every day is a new journey in mommyhood. Today's journey, makes me sad. My sweet baby boy is 6 months old today! I'm so proud of him. He amazes me every.single.day. I'm totally that mom who's always like... " omg did you see that?" "look at his face!" "lol he's soooo funny look at him!" I try not to be so annoying, but I can't help it. he is so cute and I LOVE to watch him learn, grow, and explore. He is now putting himself to SLEEP (yes, that means he sleeps now), in his crib, sometimes a few tears sometimes not, all by himself. One day he learned how to sleep on his own, and BAM who needs their mom anymore? Well i suppose he still really does. But I do miss rocking him to sleep every night. ( but let's be real-- I do NOT miss him fighting sleep, waking up every 45 minutes alll night long, and screaming and crying in the process!)

with all that great stuff being said, Landon has lost about 12 ounces in the last month. that is not ideal for babies, as I am sure most of you know. our pediatrician seemed genuinely concerned, and we will be going back in next week. if he isn't gaining, we have to do blood work to find out medically what could be causing this. it is absolutely terrifying to even THINK about something being wrong with him. I am going to do everything in my mommy power to get him to add some weight this week... but to be honest, I kind of expected this was going to happen, and I've been trying to get him to consume as much as possible. he's pretty much attached to my boob more than he's not, so I have to look beyond breastmilk. (although I will not be cutting back at all)

I've been thinking lately about how hard it can be to be a mom. although I never thought it would be a walk in the park... i just never thought it would be so book smart hard. I knew the loving, feeding, changing, bathing, playing, blah blah blah part would come to me just fine- I never thought I would be researching as much as I do! How do I get him to sleep? how can I get him to gain weight? How can i make his separation anxiety easier for him to deal with? what CAN he eat? my babycenter account is probably on search overload sometimes. I'm positive that I over think (and google) things.. and I probably learned more than I need to. But thankful to know how to keep my boy safe and healthy. 

(FAUX-BLOGGERS NOTE:: first time mom syndrome.. in full force. If someone wrote a book about something, I will find it.)

well I am unsure as to why, but I can't upload any pictures today :( I will hit you with a huge photo bomb if I can get the kids to nap at the same time this week, or ill do it next week. lame for now but you won't be disappointed!!


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