Thursday, March 8, 2012

why HELLO there!

So, my ever so awesome fiance bought me a new iPhone a few weeks ago, and I cancelled my t-mobile account. At that point I lost something that I didn't know know was so important to me... unlimited data. I'm having serious pinterest with drawls, and my fingers could bleed from all the paper cuts I'm getting from bridal magazines. (AKA... online browsing is SO much cooler.) middle of the night breastfeeding... actually any time of the day breastfeeding, is getting boring. I can't even believe how much I miss my phone. I always thought I didn't care about that kind of garbage, but I clearly do. It's been almost a week, and I've got a couple days left til it rolls over. don't hate me facebook, I will return soon...

So nothings new in the world of mommyhood, Ben and I are both not feeling too hot. Landon seems to have his moments, but hes mostly just congested with he wakes up. He has returned to being a nightmare sleeper, so anything hindering his sleep, i.e not being able to breathe, really makes it more difficult for all of us. He has started sleeping two hour intervals again, instead of 20-40 mins like he was, so it's a bit better. and of course he napped today for almost 4 hours... but that does NOT happen at night. I actually don't even want to talk about his sleep habits. it stresses me out  and I have no wine. ( and can't drink it if I did because HE NEVER SLEEPS!! sigh.)

I went to the zoo with my sisters yesterday, it was both of my kids' first time. Gavin was... mostly interested in the rocks and the dirt. but it was still fun! and good memories for my sisters and I (who are beginning to see each other more often, but due to history have not spent our lives together doing fun things like going to the zoo! or knowing each other for that matter.) and also for the kids to get to know their cousins a bit better. I had such a great relationship with most my cousins, and still do today. I love passing that on to my kids!!

Landon is officially 4 months old. I seriously couldn't have dreamt up a cuter baby. I just adore him. hes rolling over belly to back, and now back to belly. next is crawling... I'm not looking forward to that. my little baby and his big ass belly are growing up SO fast. I can't believe at this time last year I had just found out that I was prego. and now my life looks like this. Amazing!

I cleaned the SHIT out of my house today. I love when this place feels like a home. the kids have been so good, and the long naps really helped me too. I wish I had this much time to myself all the time!! (although then I would probably use it for things like a massage, or a nap... still sounds phenomenal.)

I suppose I should get back to slaving away. (Ben told me I was "like" Cinderella today... I am unsure he meant that in a bad way, but, THANKS. She damn near a slave for her evil step-mom and step-sisters... but, I think that was his way of noticing my hard work? I'm unsure, but, I'll take it I guess.)

(FAUX-BLOGGERS NOTE:: I can't upload any pictures from my phone since I'm out of stupid data. and my camera is in the kitchen and... well, I'm not. so no pictures today, but soon!! Don't have cute kid with drawls, I'll get ya next time!!)


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