Monday, March 26, 2012

Anyone have a chill pill?

Well hello blog world!! Unfortunately, I'm iPhone blogging tonight, NOT my favorite way of doing it. But it's 1 am and I just need to babble.

Gavin had a bit of a cold this week, a little cough and a one day baby fevers of a just a smidge over 100. He was pretty calm that day, ( if you know Gavin, you know that's weird!) and didn't get off the couch much. He was more than normal the next day, and annoying as ever. Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom. Ahh at some point I always go crazy. Off track- my point is, LJ had developed a little cough too, and although it sounded icky its not really bad. He was acting completely normal then boom. He puked like 6 times in an hour span. I suddenly came down with a severe case of first time mom syndrome. And it was bad. Im talking this kid was PUKING. Cough, gag, release. It was so sad his poor little body just didn't know how to get it out. He became really drowsy, almost lethargic... He didn't even want to hold his head up and he just laid on my lap with his binkie ( which he NEVER takes from me with out a fight) . I was immediately thinking the worst, and thinking about calling the doctor, taking him to the hospital etc. etc. etc.

My mom held him as he slept for about an hour, so we could monitor how he was acting. He was out so cold I thought he would sleep til morning. But he didn't, and when he woke up he was himself again. Color in his face, babbling, trying to nurse ( I'm sure he was starving!) I was so relieved. I waited another good hour before leaving an he was just fine. He's still coughing a little, but I think (hope!) we're over the puking.

I spent the whole rest of the night being thankful for my sweet little baby. I'm pretty freakin dramatic sometimes, but today just kind of dramatic. I didn't think he was going to die or anything, but I was definitely scared. It's crazy what you take for granted (like your HEALTH!!!) and I'm not sure I will anymore. At least remind my self not too!! All I want to do is snuggle my baby boy right now, but I've been doing some serious sleep training and don't want to throw it all away.

Spent the rest of the night cleaning/ sanitizing the house to get ready to play with Aubrey in the morning! Luckily we were gone all day so all those germs ( and mess.. Hehe) are at my moms house.

Fingers crossed for sleep tonight. My sweet boy is gonna need it, and lord knows this momma hasn't slept in about a year. ( horrible pregnancy = horrible sleeping baby? Can I catch a break please?) I'm going to try whole I can! Goodnight blognerds!!

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