Tuesday, March 27, 2012

And then there's days like this...

Welp, LJ's cold is in full force. I took him to the doctor today, and everything is normal (normal cold, that is.). I assumed so, especially because I know this is the cold that Gavin came down with last week. Landon seemed to be feeling much better yesterday... Until last night. Poor baby can't breathe and when he does finally fall asleep, he ends up coughing and wakes him up. He didn't want to play today, and he was SO tired from not sleeping last night. I couldn't fight the nagging feeling in my mind that, what IF there was something worse going on and I didn't take him soon enough. Luckily, we don't have to worry, and although he's still not feeling great I am much more at ease.

He took a late nap today, but since he's so miserable I'm just letting him do whatever he wants, which is a whollle bunch of things Im going to regret next week. Nursing ALL THE TIME.. Sleeping in the swing ( which took a long time to break!) and holding him a lot. I just want the little guy to be as Comfortable as possible. I hate seeing him so miserable :(

As I was just writing about just putting him down and my anxiety levels low, he immediately woke up and now levels are high. Will I ever learn to not jinx things? Sigh. I will sleep again one day...

I planned on strict sleep training this week, working him out of our room and into the crib (even though I think he's more ready for that then I am) and nap training. I'm kinda hoping that his napping issues are what's causing him to not sleep at night, plus I've cut about half of the night feelings out ( yep! Still waking up about every hour at 5 MONTHS!!) so at some point he should hopefully catch on. I'm a lunatic. I need sleep to normalize myself. Ohhh the days I thought being a mom meant snuggling and playing with a sweet baby. Who ever knew there's so many strategies. Shits getting real in mommyhood.

It's coming up on midnight, and I have to get some sleep (or try!). Landon's been down for about 10 minutes without a wake up, so I MIGHT have a stretch of sleep. Unless I just jinxed it again?! I didn't do anything but snuggle and tend to this sweet boy today so I've got some serious damage control to do around the house.

Someone don't be shy and ask to take Landon for a few hours so I can take a nap!! ;)


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