Friday, January 25, 2013

Blast off to THREE!

Hi y'all! Guess who's  back with another random post out of the blue. yep! making a star appearance (on my own site?) after 2 months of missing-ness. let's be real-- I'm a mother of two (sometimes). I work (not often). and I'm just busy being awesome. Reality? Ben plays lots of video games and LJ LOVES the computer. I am not to sit down here while he is awake, or he WILL go ape shit until i pick him up and he smashes the keyboard. with his hands. and head. needless to say, that gets annoying, so, between that and Ben's addiction i really can't get to the computer often. But i miss you guys!

NOW. the real reason I am here today is to talk about how proud I am of this amazing little 3 year old I am helping co-parent. can you even believe he's 3?! it is absolutely crazy to think about how time flies by so fast.

For MONTHS this little smarty pants has been talking about a rocket cake for his birthday. I'd like to think of myself as a new age, just starting out Martha Stewart, so I was going to make one. annnnd that proved to be difficult. his awesome Aunt even tried to whip one up, and, no. it just wasn't happening. so after panicking for a few weeks, i decided to just buy one. he was NOT going to be happy with anything else.

your eyes are NOT deceiving you. that is; (rocket shaped) peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and french fries. Not your idea of a gourmet meal? too bad. that's all Gavin eats. who serves food at a birthday party that the birthday boy doesn't even like...? that was also my very first attempt at cake pops. we had fun! i like them and will definitely be doing them in the future. i wanted those to look like earth... but when we tried to put some green on them they turned into a total hot mess so i spared it. oh well!

my sweet little nephew here is modeling our awesome JET PACKS! these were so much fun. for the kids, of course. My sister Ashley and I were up until after 1 am putting these bad boys together, and even sent her husband to the store in the middle of the night for supplies. ( if that's not brother-in-law of the year... i don't know what is!) very pleased with how they turned out. i couldn't get very many pictures of them in action though, because they made the kids run SO FAST! 

Over all, we had so much fun and I was so happy to spend the day with such close family and a few friends. Gavin still talks about his party when he sees people. I love watching him grow and learn, and I am so lucky and thankful to be such an active roll in his life. I think about his future a lot. if the split custody will effect him later in life. if he will resent me... he will resent me. but how much? and when?  i am dreading the day(s) he yells, "YOU'RE NOT MY MOM!" I know it will happen, and I will be sad. but as of now that all he knows is i love him and he loves me... i will snuggle on and make him as happy as i possibly can. He has taught me a lot about being a mom and I will always love him for that! he was my little stepping stool into mommyhood, and i love how much time i get to spend with him. he is now ( and forever) just as much of my son as LJ is. we are a very happy family here in the Smith household! and he is a huge reason. 

 (FAUX-BLOGGERS NOTE:: We have too much shit. seriously. I am a toy hoarder. it's taking over my life!)

Of course one of L's and Aubs making out. for good measure.

'Til next time!


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